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The following foals have been born at Fourmerk this year:

Fourmerk Elisabeth

Foaled on 27th April, Elisabeth is out of Elise and by Kestrel. She's a lovely, big, yellow dun filly.

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Elise's filly, Elisabeth

Horatio of Fourmerk

This grey dun colt is a son of Haakon, out of Harmony and is her first foal. He was born on 30th April. He has lots of presence and always poses for the camera.


Fourmerk Rosalyn

Rosemaree surprised us by foaling earlier than expected on 21st May. Another filly, this time a mouse dun by Kestrel



Fourmerk Heather Lass

Honey foaled on 22nd May and also has a mouse dun filly, but this one is by Rannoch. She's lovely and very friendly.


Fourmerk Holly

Hope foaled on 23rd May and she also has a filly which I think is dun. She's the same kid of colour as Elise: not yellow dun, but similar with a black hair through the coat. She's by Haakon.


Fourmerk Highland Laddie

Heather Honey's (Heigh Ho's) colt foal by Haakon. He is cream dun and is a great character.

Slideshow of 2007 foals


Foals born in 2007 to visiting mares

Ballinton Islay Lady had a filly foal by Kestrel; Alonadene had a Kestrel fily; Quartz of Caenlochan had a colt by Kestrel; Kerrera Gipsy had a colt foal by Kestrel; Kerrera of Gersa had a colt foal by Kestrel; Storm of Tower had a colt foal by Kestrel and Sunbeam Glenairlie had a filly foal also by Kestrel