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Fourmerk Ponies - Where are they now?


This is a potted history of all the horses and ponies we have owned or bred, with new information as it comes to light. Breeding stock are in bold lettering, with their progeny after them. I like to keep track of what has happened to my ponies, and so many owners and new owners keep me up to date.

The names are given in family groups, with the dam first in bold type and then her progeny. If you have any information about ponies I've lost track of, I'd love to know where they are now.



Bramble of Croila: foaled 1979. Sir Colin of Croila x Loulou of Croila. Grey dun mare. Bought from Frank Bruce in 1986. Now owned by my daughter Vicki and still with us. Bramble was put fdown on 12th February 2009, suffering from severe colic. more details...

McGregor of Fourmerk (pictured below): foaled 1990. Glensuie x Bramble of Croila. Mouse dun gelding, but with a white hair through the coat. Having tried for three years to get Bramble in foal, as a last ditch attempt, we sent her in August to run with Glensuie for the winter. She took first time! She came home grossly fat and had to be on a diet till she foaled, with the result that Mack was not a big foal. Sold to Sally Coutts and then to trekking centre in Killin, where he still is.

McGregorMcGregor of Fourmerk

Benjamin of Boquhan: foaled 1994. North Wells Summit x Bramble of Croila. Grey dun gelding. Vicki's first foal. Sold at Stirling horse sale 1995/6. I had a call recently to say that the people who bought Benjie as a yearling still have him.

Baxter of Boquhan: foaled 1998. Innes of Invervack x Bramble of Croila. Dark grey colt. Baxter has a lovely temperament and is very like Innes was at the same age. Sold to Patricia Laves, Germany, in 1999. Gelded and sold to Wolfgang Jaspers, Germany in 2001/2. You can see him on his website by clicking here.

Cranny of Strathmashie: foaled 1982. Corrie Beithe of Croila x Laura of Blaragie. Yellow dun mare. Bought from Frank Bruce in 1986. Sold in 1987 to Innerwick Estate, where she was looked after by Bill Hamilton and last heard of owned by Mrs Frampton-Heldman, Aberdeenshire.

Mirandadene: foaled 1985. Glensuie x Melodydene. Grey dun mare. Bought from Scott McGregor in 1986. She was Vicki's riding pony. Sold to Carmen Thorley, Wigtonshire, in 1993, and has since been a brood mare. 2004: Carmen tells me that Miranda is now owned a ridden by a young girl in Wigtonshire.

Fourmerk Iona: foaled 1991. Falcon Frost of Sauchrie x Mirandadene. Grey mare. Broken and sold in 1994 to Guido van Dijck, Belgium, where she has bred several foals. You can see Iona on the Van Den Capellenbergh stud website by clicking here.

Iain of Fourmerk: foaled 1992. Grey gelding. Sold to Frauke Misof, Germany. Whereabouts unknown.

Meggernie Sula: foaled 1982. Glensuie x Susan II of Meggernie. Grey dun mare. Bought in 1986. Sold in 1987 to Margaret Ferguson. Last heard of owned by Pat Watson, Aberdeen.

James I of Boquhan (pictured below): foaled 1987. Meggernie Sula x Iolair of Orangefield. Jamie was our first foal. Grey dun gelding, sold to Christine Craig in 1988. Bought back and broken and sold to Dr Christine Hankinson. Now belongs to Christina Maxwell, Perthshire. Jamie is now undergoing a second education as he is at Kilgraston School to keep Christina's daughter, Bean, company!

JamieJames I of Boquhan

Taradene: foaled 1986. Glensuie x Melodydene. Cream dun mare. Died October 2004, more details...

Fourmerk Tiree (pictured below): foaled 1997. Innes of Invervack x Taradene. Grey dun mare. Sold to Stuart Hindle, Preston and later owned by Emma McCormickand Tracy. In August 2010, Vicki and I bought Tiree back and she is now at livery at Crieff Hydro where Vicki and my grand-daughter Eilidh ride her. She a great wee performance pony and can jump 3'2" although she is only 13.2hh

TireeFourmerk Tiree

Thor of Fourmerk: foaled 2003. Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Taradene. Thor was sold in May 2004 to Lynn Johnson from Peterhead as a potential stallion. Cream dun colt more details...

TireeThor, June 2004 at his new home.

Tess of Whitefield: foaled 1985? Norseman of Whitefield x Jess of Meggernie. Cream dun mare. Broken and sold to Anne Degnan, Edinburgh. No recent news.

Fourmerk Peigi: foaled 1989. Glensuie x Tess of Whitefield. Cream dun mare. Sold in 1990 to David and Rhona Hynd, Fife and sold to Miss MY Cuthill, Fife, 2002.

Donald of Fourmerk (pictured below): foaled 1990. Dougaldene x Tess of Whitefield. Cream dun gelding. Sold in 1994 to Gloria Bream and now with Eloise Carr.

Donald Donald of Fourmerk

Catriona of Orangefield: foaled 1975. Arran x Fiona of Orangefield. Grey mare and the dam of Fourmerk Flora and of Atholl of Fourmerk, who sired Kestrel. Bought from Bert Macrae in 1988. Died in 1992 of renal failure.

Fourmerk Flora: foaled 1989. Merlin of Orangefield x Fiona of Orangefield. grey mare. A good little mare, who bred quality foals and was a pleasant ride. Sold to Angela Rohde, Germany in 2000, and then sold to an owner in Holland. Flora foaled in Holland in 2004. You can read about her at Netherlands Highland Pony Website. "010: I have just heard that Flora's owner in Holland neglected his ponies and they were taken to a rescue centre but it was too late for Flora and she was put down. Very sad.

Fionnlaidh of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Innes of Invervack x Fourmerk Flora. Grey dun gelding. Sold as a yearling gelding. 2012: Fin's new owner has been in touch. She bought him from a riding centre in Dumfries and has just sent me photos.







Fourmerk Feolin: foaled 1994. North Wells Summit x Fourmerk Flora. Grey dun mare. Sold 1994 to Louis van der Broecke, Belgium, where she has bred several foals.

Fergus of Fourmerk: foaled 1995. North Wells Summit x Fourmerk Flora. Grey dun gelding. Died 2002.

Fourmerk Fruin: foaled 1997. The Bard of Finnlarig x Fourmerk Flora. Chestnut mare. Sold to Sabine Martini Hansske, Germany in 2001 and now owned by Lucia Verhees in Germany.

Fourmerk Faith: foaled 1998. Innes of Invervack x Fourmerk Flora. Grey dun mare. Sold to Patricia Laves, Germany in 1999 (click here to visit Patricia's website).

Atholl of Fourmerk: foaled 1991. Innes of Invervack x Catriona of Orangefield. Dark grey stallion. Sire of Kestrel of Fourmerk and Fourmerk Sir Jasper. Sold and gelded in 1995 to Jim Fraser, Glasgow, who as far as I know, still has him. Jim used to drive Atholl and Atholl's companion was a pig!

Elizabeth of Croila: foaled 1984. Sir Colin of Croila x Beathag of Croila. Grey dun mare - big! Big Lizzie was a character: not the best ridden pony, she would die in the ring. We once fed her on a mixture of racehorse cubes and competition mix and she still "died". Loved walking through fires, when we burned dead wood in the field. Sold to Frauke Misof in Germany. Sold to Patricia Laves and then returned to Frauke.

Fourmerk Eilidh (twin): foaled 1992. Dougaldene x Elizabeth of Croila. Bay mare. The other twin only lived for two days. Sold to Pat Maddock, Aberdeen, in 1992 and died of grass sickness aged about five.

Elrig of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Dougaldene x Elizabeth of Croila. Grey dun colt. Sold as a foal at foot with Lizzie to Frauke Misof, Germany. Whereabouts unknown.

Kelpiedene: foaled 1988. Glensuie x Kitdene. Grey dun mare. Kelpie was put down in June 2008 as she had severe laminitis. more details...

Fourmerk Kyla (pictured below): foaled 1992. Innes of Invervack x Kelpiedene. Grey dun mare. Kyla was Foal Champion at Stirling Foal Show and was a real favourite. Great nature and an active ride. Sold to Elaine Griffin, Fife, in 1998. Now in Germany, whereabouts unknown. 16th July 2003: e-mail from Patricia Laves, "Hi Joan, I can tell you where Kyla is - she belongs to some very nice people called Meinus. And she is in foal to Ruraidh!* She came here in May and I think she is a real beauty! The old fashioned type that I like so much. She has got a very nice home near the place where our show was in 1999. *Ruraidh of Tormore, Patricia's stallion.

Kyla Fourmerk Kyla

Fourmerk Katya: foaled 1996. Laochan of Kingennie x Fourmerk Kyla. Grey dun mare. Sold in 1999 to Susanne Bennien, Germany, who still has her and who went to live in Sweden, but has now returned to Germany. Update: Susanne had to sell Katya in 2006 but she has a good home wth a farmer.

Kippen Laddie of Fourmerk: foaled 1997. Laochan of Kingennie x Fourmerk Katya. Grey dun gelding, known as Kipper. Sold to Gaylor McNicoll, Balquhidder, in 1998.

Keir of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Stonefield Fingal x Kelpiedene. Grey dun gelding. Sold to Frauke Misof, Germany, in 1994. I recently (2006) saw Keir advertised for sale on the German Highland Pony website, but his owners have decided to keep him.

Kestrel of Fourmerk: foaled 1994. Black stallion. Sire of F. Rowan, Ruaraidh of F, Rannoch of F, F Hope, F Honour, Rum of F, F Rhanna, F Hosanna, Heriot of F, Rabbie Burns of F, Rob Roy, Hamish, H.S., Royal Scott, (now in Australia), Rosalyn, Rosa and many foals out of visiting mares. Still with us more details...

Fourmerk Katrine II: foaled 1995. North Wells Summit x Kelpiedene. Grey mare. Sold in 1996 to Fay Sommerville, Bridge of Allan. Still there.

Fourmerk Kelpie: foaled 1987. Laochan of Kingennie x Kelpiedene. Grey dun mare. Sold to Jasmine Clark, Edinburgh in 1998. Died when she escaped from her stable and killed by a car.

Kinloch of Fourmerk: foaled 2002. Maverickdene x Kelpiedene. Grey dun colt. Gelded. A very sweet lad and the last Maverick foal in UK. Sold in 2005 to Joanne Bennett in Preston. more details...

Fourmerk Kyla II: foaled 2004. Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Kelpiedene. Grey dun filly. Kyla was a well grown and a very friendly mare who was sold to Marlene Rorie from Orkney with Fourmerk Kyle, her colt foal by McInnes of Fourmer in 2008.

Turin Hill Briar Rose (Kerry): foaled 1976. Glen Rannoch x Turin Hill Bronze Medal. Bought in 1991. Ronnie called her, "Diddums!" Sold to Russell Brown, Fife, in 1992 and has bred several foals, including the stallion, Beechwood Maol Ruadh. She is still there.

Fourmerk Kirsty: foaled 1992. Evandene x Turin Hill Briar Rose. Yellow dun mare. Sold to Martha Owens in 1993. Have heard that she is now in Germany, but I don't know where.

Innes of Invervack: foaled 1987. Ian of Invervack x Marilla of Invervack. Grey stallion. Sire of Atholl of F, F Kyla, McInnes of F, Fionnlaidh of F, Gilleasbuig of F, Wee Geordie of F, F Rosalie, F Rosemary, F Rosemary, F Rosemaree, F Tiree, F Honesty, F Harmony, to name but a few. Died 2001 more details...

Stonefield Fingal: foaled 1968. Glenrannoch x Nyala. Grey stallion. Bought 1992. (Story of the purchase of Fingal is in the "Highland Pony Gazette" of the time). Sired Rory of Fourmerk, Keir of Fourmerk, Appin of Fourmerk. Put down 1994 - old age.

North Wells Summit: by Neildene. Sam was with us for a few years, during which time he sired F Heather, now in Germany; F Hazel, with Nicki Barfield in Norfolk; Benjamin of Boquhan; F Feolin, now in Belgium; Fergus of F, died 2000; F Katrine., sold to Fay Somerville of Bridge of Allan; F Merle; F Mairi, sold to Sara Goodwin. Sam is now with Stacy Holden of Valerock Stud.

Fourmerk Katrine: foaled ? Breeding unknown. Grey mare. Bought at Fort William Corpach market in 1992. Unregistered grey mare. Inspected and on A appendix. Died of milk fever 1993.

Appin of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Stonefield Fingal x Fourmerk Katrine. Grey dun gelding. A appendix. Whereabouts unknown.

Fourmerk Canna: foaled ? Breeding unknown. Yellow dun mare. Bought at same time as Fourmerk Katrine and on A appendix. Broken and sold to Sally Coutts and then to a Perthshire estate. Whereabouts unknown.

The Bard of Finnlarig (pictured below): foaled 1991. Ben Nevis of Croila x Broadshade Clover. Yellow dun stallion. Sired Kippen Laddie of Fourmerk and Fourmerk Fruin. Gelded, broken and sold in 1995 and last heard of in Musselburgh, owned by Ann Young.

Bard The Bard of Finnlairg

Curlew of Finnlarig: foaled 1992. Ben Nevis of Croila x Molly of Deer. Cream dun mare. Bought in 1992. Sold to Belgium in 1994 and now owned by Guido van Dijck at Van Den Capellenbergh stud (click here to go to their website).

Bonnie Lass of Holmhead: foaled 1991. Tullich of Glengairn x Kate of Endovie. Yellow dun mare. Bought as a weaned foal in 1991. Broken to ride and sold to Joss Drake who lives near Newmarket who still has her.

Bruce of Fourmerk: foaled 1996. McInnes of Fourmerk x Bonnie Lass of Holmhead. Mouse dun gelding. Sold to Elizabeth Wener in Germany in 1999, where he has had many successes under saddle. Bruce died in 2008 and is greatly missed.

Bruce Bruce of Fourmerk

Sapphire Corabell of Holmhead: foaled 1990. Tullich of Glengairn x Kate of Endovie. Yellow dun mare. Bought in 1992 and sold that year to Erwin El Sasser, Dumfries. Whereabouts unknown

Merledene: foaled 1983. Dougaldene x Mennadene. Grey mare. Bought in 1991 from the Lorimers of Aberdeenshire in foal to a TB stallion. Sold to Sarah Goodwin, now in the borders, in 1995 with Fourmerk Mairi at foot. I believe Merrie, as we called her, is now at a riding school owned by Jean McAulay in Kent.

Fourmerk Lady Victoria: foaled 1991. Zulu TB x Merledene. Grey dun mare. Lady was stunning and at three years old, measured 15.3hh. She had an exceptional nature. Lovely paces. She was sold for a great price at the Prestige Horse Sale in Perth and is now owned by David Cunningham, Biggar. She does endurance riding and won a Bronze award.

McInnes of Fourmerk (pictured below): foaled 1992. Innes of Invervack x Merledene. Cream dun stallion. Many show wins as a youngster. Sire of Fourmerk Jeremy Fisher PB. Sold to Frauke Misof, Germany, and sold on to Sindy Dohndorf who still has him.

McInnes came back to UK in 2006 and is with Deirdre Robinson of Fleetmead Stud. I'm delighted with this news. I sent a mare to him in 2007 and she produced a lovely colt foal, Kyle of Fourmerk.

McInnes in Germany McInnes of Fourmerk

Fourmerk Merle: foaled 1994. North Wells Summit x Merledene. Grey mare. Sold to Mary Adamson who still has her but I think she is on loan as Mary is disabled now.

Fourmerk Mairi: Foaled 1995. North Wells Summit x Merledene. Sold as foal at foot in 1995. Don't know where she is.

Saffron TB: Age and breeding unknown. Bay mare. Bought at Stirling Horse Sale in 1992. A quality mare, she was sold with Fourmerk Sir Lancelot at foot to Dallars Riding School at Hurlford in 1995.

Fourmerk Anise PB: foaled 1993. Innes of Invervack x Saffron TB. Grey dun mare. Sold to Roy Rogers who lives on an island in Loch Lomond and shown in Western Riding. Whereabouts now unknown.

Fourmerk Sir Lancelot PB (pictured below): foaled 1994. Innes of Invervack x Saffron TB. Bay gelding. Sold with his dam as above. Now owned by Dalene Sinclair, near Irvine.

Lance Fourmerk Sir Lancelot PB

Willow TB: Age and breeding unknown. Bay mare. Bought at Stirling Horse Sale in 1993. Died in foal in 1994.

Ebony TB: Age and breeding unknown. Black mare. Bought Stirling Horse Sales 1992. Was freeze branded and supposed to have come from Aberdeen. She died in foal in 1994.

Fourmerk Lorne PB: foaled 1993. Innes of Invervack x Ebony TB. Sold as a two year old to Donna Giles, Ladybank, Fife. I last saw him at a Central Scotland Show in the PB class and he was stunning. Whereabouts unknown.

Pertindian TB: foaled 1993. Precocious x Squawbil, by Nicholas Bill. Bay mare. A registered TB mare, Perrie was bought from Tracy Cochrane, Glasgow, after she had been in an accident. Perrie was sound but not up to hard work and Tracy had lost her confidence and so I took the gamble that she would breed. It paid off! She left beautiful, quality foals and had the most wonderful nature. Perrie took colic in 2009 and had to be put down. She was a lady. more details...

Fourmerk Indiana Jones: foaled 1998. Innes of Invervack x Pertindian. Grey gelding. Indie was taken on by Kim Edgar, my former student, from Thornhill, Stirling, and was broken to ride. He was sold in 2003 to Jill McKinlay. He is now with Shelley who contacted me in 2009.

Fourmerk Siouxi (pictured below): foaled 2000. Innes of Invervack x Pertindian. Grey mare. Siouxi was a very pretty filly. Sold in 2002 to Pauline Miller, England. Siouxi was sold in 2005 to Margaret Hallam who owns Boquhan Highland Jubilee.

Siouxi Fourmerk Siouxi


Fourmerk Apache: black part bred gedling by Kestrel out of Perrie. Foaled in 2005. He's a very handsome fellow and is our first part bred by Kestrel. He was sold in autumn to John Alison in the Borders. more details...

Lachlan of Fourmerk: Age and breeding unknown. Grey gelding. A appendix. Lachie was a super character and acted as uncle to my weaned foals. Good WHP who loved to jump. Bought in 1992 and sold to a riding school in Perth in 1995. Whereabouts unknown.

Madge of Kingennie (pictured below): foaled ? Glen Aigas x Clova of Glendoll. Yellow dun mare - with the most beautiful eyes. I bought Madge from Ann Baird in 1999, hoping to breed from her. Alas, not. She was sold in 2002 to Christina Maxwell, Perthshire, who also has James I of Boquhan. Christina e-mailed me in May 2004 to say that Madge suffered from a twisted gut and had to be put down. Madge was the sweetest natured mare an earth and was the first pony that my grand-children, Alexander and Eilidh, sat on.

Madge Madge of Kingennie

Bobby Joel of Taylorton: foaled 1988. Glensuie x Hazel of Sunnyneuk. Mouse dun gelding. Bobby was a wonderful pony, with the sweetest nature you could ever find. he was a ridden champion many times over and was Royal Highland Show Ridden Champion in 1993 at the age of five. Everyone loved Bobby. He was put down in 2001, because the ragwort poisoning he had suffered before I bought him had damaged his liver, more details...

Trowan Staffin: foaled 1989. Trowan Hallmark x Trowan Misty Morn II. Mouse dun gelding. Bought 1991/2 in poor condition and very nervous. We worked hard to gain Fin's confidence and trust and he rewarded us by being a super ridden pony who loved to jump. Sold to a riding school in Perth and now owned by Steven Leitch of Perth who does WHP very successfully with him.

Cailach Gigha: foaled 1986. Harvester of Whitefield x Beauty of Craighall. Dun mare. Bought in 1992. Gigha was Reserve Champion In Hand at Gargunnock Show in 1992. Broken to ride and sold in foal in 1994 to Jeannie McLean, Balnaboath, Glen Prosen.

11th September 2003: Jeannie phoned last night to say that Gigha suffered from laminitis, cause unknown as she wasn't fat, and had to be put down as the pedal bones had rotated so badly. This is very sad as Gigha was one of the sweetest natured ponies ever and was a real character.

Gilleasbuig of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Innes of Invervack x Cailach Gigha. Grey dun gelding. Sold as a weaned foal to someone in Fife. Now owned by ILPH. Saw him at a show in 2001/2.

Wee Geordie of Fourmerk: foaled 1994. Innes of Invervack x Cailach Gigha. Grey dun gelding. Sold as a yearling to Maggie Hamilton, Kippen. Died of twisted gut at four years old.

Lorna of Bridgend: foaled 1977. Strathord x Fawn of Whitefield. Grey mare. Bought from Innerwick Estate in December 1989. Lorna was a beautiful old fashioned mare who was broken to ride and drive. She won many championships for us and was first at the Royal Highland Show in a huge yeld mare class of 31 ponies. The biggest regret was that Lorna never bred a foal. We had her investigated at the Dick Vet but to no avail. I gave Lorna to a friend's grand-daughter in 1997 and I don't know if she is still in Thornhill, Stirling or not.

11th September 2003: I have heard recently that Lorna was put down about two years ago after an accident.

Drum Lady Lorna (Clydesdale): foaled 1988. Bought from a local farmer. Lorna produced only one foal and then Vicki, my daughter, broke her to ride! She was a sweet natured mare. Sold to Mairi Barr, Eaglesham, but don't know where she is now.

Fourmerk Montrose TBX: foaled 1992. Shantamar TB x Drum Lady Lorna. Bay gelding. Sold to Katie Stewart, Thornhill, Stirling, and now owned by Kim Edgar. He's a stunning big horse.

Brewster Fourmerk Montrose aka Brewster

Glen Isla Mist of Tower View: foaled 1981. Eagledene x Duncrub Misty. Grey mare. Bought from Anne Degnan in 1991 to be a ridden mare. Sold that year to Sarah Goodwin.

Jiffy, Welsh Section B: Age and breeding unknown. A friend had Jiffy as her children's riding pony but she proved too strong and so I bought her in 1993 to use for teaching the young stallions to serve in hand. We showed her in hand at Gargunnock Show where she was first in her class. She was sold to Kim Ogilvie, Hurlford, in 1995 with Jeremy Fisher as a foal at foot. She went on to be a great pony club pony. I have heard recently that she died.

Fourmerk Sir Jasper: foaled 1994. Atholl of Fourmerk x Jiffy. Chestnut gelding. Whereabouts unknown.

Fourmerk Jeremy Fisher (pictured below): foaled 1995. McInnes of Fourmerk x Jiffy. Sold as a foal at foot and now a BSJA pony, who is doing very well with his young owner. I see his name in "Scottish Farmer" from time to time.

JeremyFourmerk Jeremy Fisher

Birnie, Welsh Section A: Age and breeding unknown. Bought from Ian Loch of Ayrshire. Sold to Drumlean Estate in 1993.

Shergar, Shetland: foaled 1985. He is a Harviestoun bred pony who is wondeful with my grand-children, but can be pushy with ponies. He doesn't know he is only small! Shergar went to Sheila Keron, Madderty for her daughter, Kayleigh, and Alexander and Eilidh can still go there to ride him.

Shergar Shergar, Shetland

Meggernie May Mist: foaled 1981. Sir Colin of Croila x Meggernie May Morn. Grey mare. Misty is the granny of them all! (not quite literally!). I wanted to buy Misty from Isla Fenton in 1990, but instead, he sold me her daughter Holly. I bought Misty when Isla was giving up ponies in 2000 and she was in foal, but aborted in March 2001. I've never managed to get her in foal again, but she is such a character that she is welcome to stay. All the other ponies respect her. Misty didn't winter well 2003-2004 and in May, she just faded away. She had melanomas and the kindest thing was to have her put down. More details...

Duncrub Holly: foaled 1990. Iolair of Orangefield x Meggernie May Mist. A consistent winner as a youngster, Holly has bred some beautiful ponies. She seems to breed quality no matter to what stallion. Her daughters and grand-daughters have had success in the showring, in hand and under saddle. Holly died on 26th June 2006, leaving an orphan foal. more details...

Fourmerk Heather: foaled 1994. North Wells Summit x Duncrub Holly. Yellow dun mare. Heather is a lovely mare, with a huge mane! We broke her to ride at four years old and she was sold to Patricia Laves, Germany, in 1999. She is now a brood mare at Patricia's Kilnacasan Stud (click here to go to the site).

Fourmerk Hazel: foaled 1995. North Wells Summit x Duncrub Holly. Grey mare. Hazel belongs to Vicki and so most of her foals are registered under the Boquhan stud prefix. Always placed when shown. Hazel was sold in May 2004 to Nicki Barfield from Norfolk. More details...

Hazel died in 2010 and Nicki and her family were devastated by her loss. They do have her progeny.

Fourmerk Honour (pictured below): foaled 2001. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Hazel. Grey dun mare. Sold in 2003 to Sandra Joling, Holland, Honour is now in Poland at Manoah Stud and as a brood mare. more details...

Honour Fourmerk Honour

Boquhan Highland Jubilee: foaled 2002. Fyfedene x Fourmerk Hazel. Sold to Margaret Hallam from Leicestershire in 2003. Cream dun mare, more details...

Boquhan Highland Glory: foaled 2003. Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Fourmerk Hazel. Cream dun filly,who was sold in July 2004 to Ina and Machiel Dalebout in Holland, more details...

Fourmerk Honey: foaled 1997. Laochan of Kingennie x Duncrub Holly. Cream dun mare. Honey won at many shows as a youngster, including being youngstock champion at Malvern and champion at Perth as a two year old. She is now a brood mare and is a lovely pony. Her sire, Laochan, now gelded, has been an Olympia qualifier, more details...

Fourmerk Heather Honey: foaled 2002. Fyfedene x Fourmerk Honey. Cream dun mare, she won many championships and was a great brood mare. She took severe laminitis in 2009 and had to be put down. more details...

Fourmerk Hannah: foaled 2003. Fyfedene x Fourmerk Honey. Sold to Amanda King from Devon in 2003. At Holsworthy Show, July 2004, Hannah was first in a mixed breed, mixed ages M&M class and was Reserve Champion. Cream dun mare, more details...


Fourmerk Hannah at Devon County 2004. Picture courtesy of Amanda King

Fourmerk Heather Mist: foaled 2004. Rannoch of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Honey. A lovely, sweet natured, probably mouse dun, filly. Sold to Barry Walsh on Orkney in 2006. more details...

Fourmerk Heather Blossom: foaled May 2006. By Fyfedene out of Fourmerk Honey. A lovely cream dun filly, who died suddenly in July 2008. more details...

Fourmerk Honesty (pictured below): foaled 1998. Innes of Invervack x Duncrub Holly. Yellow dun mare. Honesty was beautiful and had a lovely nature, adored people. She died suddenly, aged two, when she hemorrhaged into her lungs. It was a terrible shock when we found her dead in the field.

HonestyFourmerk Honesty

Harris of Fourmerk: foaled 1999. Innes of Invervack x Duncrub Holly. Mouse dun gelding. Holly's first colt and a handsome boy. He was sold as a yearling to Gillian McClintock, near Edinburgh, who still has him. I saw him at 2003 Royal Highland Show and he is maturing well. In 2004, he was third gelding at RHS.

Fourmerk Hope: foaled 2000. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Duncrub Holly. Yellow dun mare. Fifth at RHS 2002. Hope is a pretty filly and produced her first foal, a yellow dun filly by Haakon, in 2004,. She and her yearling filly, Fourmerk Honeysuckle, were sold to Lynn Cormick from Caithness in spring 2010. more details...

Fourmerk Harriet: foaled 2004. Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Fourmerk Hope. This is a pretty yellow dun filly with plenty of bone and a lovely head. Now owned by Marlene Rorie on Orkney, where she has had showring successes and bred a foal in 2008.

Hardy of Fourmerk: foaled 2006. (Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Fourmerk Hope). Hardy is a grey dun colt and is sold at weaning in November 2006. more details..

Fourmerk Holly: dun filly, foaled 2007 by Haakon x Hope. Still here.

Fourmerk Hallam: yellow dun gelding, foaled 2008, by Haakon x Hope. Great natured boy and well grown.

Fourmerk Honeysuckle: grey dun filly by Haakon x Hope, foaled 2009. She was sold with Hope to Lynn Cormack but has just been advertised for sale again in July 2010 as the owner doesn't have time to devote to her.

Fourmerk Harmony: foaled 2002. Innes of Invervack x Duncrub Holly. Grey dun mare. Harmony is special as she's my last Innes foal.Harmony was sold in foal to Marlene Rorie from Orkney in 2008 Harmony was sold, in foal, to Marlene Rorie on Orkney in 2008. more details...

Horatio of Fourmerk: foaled 2007. Haakon x Harmony. He's a grey dun gelding who has been sold in September 2009 to Jo and Ramon Drake from Lincolnshire. Horation was advertised for sale in 2009 and was advertsided for sale again in April 2010 as his owner was injured. He has been bought by Daryl Hillan from the Wirral.

Fourmerk Hosanna: foaled 2003. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Duncrub Holly. Mouse dun mare. So called as she was born on Easter Monday! Now with Michelle and Barry Walsh on Orkney. more details...

Heriot of Fourmerk: foaled 2004. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Duncrub Holly. This exceptional colt is yellow dun and is only Holly's second son, all the other foals having been fillies. Heriot was sold to Brenda Dick and her daughter in 2007 and has embarked on a ridden career. He was put down in July 2010 as he broke his leg in the field. more details...

Hector of Fourmerk: foaled 2005. Kestrel x Holly. Hector is a stunning mouse dun colt.Hector was sold in 2007 to Jennifer Green from Edinburgh and is doing extremely well in the showring. He was champion at NPS Spring Show and was Best Opp Sex to champion at Braco in 2008. more details...

Hamish of Fourmerk: foaled 2006. Kestrel x Holly. This is the last Holly foal as she died in 2006. Hamish went to his new home with Amanda Barton in Durham in October 2006. He is doing well in hand.

North Wells Rosebud: foaled 1986. Monarchdene x North Wells Rena. Grey mare. Bought at Stirling Horse Sale in 1992 as a very fat mare. Broken to ride and slimmed down. Served and conceived first time! She was put out on loan to Marilyn Pierce in 1994 and sold in 1997.

Fourmerk Rosemaree: foaled 1993. Innes of Invervack x North Wells Rosebud. Dark yellow dun mare. Rosie did well as a youngster and has been an excellent brood mare. She has only ever been served by Kestrel as the match works so well. All her foals have been foal champions and Rannoch has gone on to be Supreme Youngstock Champion and National Stallion Show Champion. Rosie is a pleasure to show! more details...

Fourmerk Rowan: foaled 1998. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Bay filly. She and Honesty were inseparable as foals and she died of grass sickness in 2000, three weeks after Honesty died. She was beautiful with a sweet nature and we were devastated.

Ruaraidh of Fourmerk: foaled 1999. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Bay colt. Sold to Mrs Crane as a weaned foal, to be a potential stallion. Gelded and sold and now with Ann Daunt who has the Maestir Stud of Welsh Ponies. From the 2003 stud book, I see that Ruaraidh has been lent to Mrs N Morgan from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

Rannoch of Fourmerk: foaled 2000. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Mouse dun stallion. Supreme Youngstock Champion and Champion National Stallion Show 2003. Rannoch is a very attractive young stallion. His first foals were born in 2004, the very first in Virginia, USA, out of Sharian Primrose who belongs to Lee Ann Bunn. His second foal, a filly, was born in May 2004, out of Fourmerk Honey. Storm, out of Honey was born in 2006. Rannoch went on loan to Westbank Stud in 2007 and was sold in 2008 to Wendy Sanders from Black Isle as her foundation stallion. More details...

Rum of Fourmerk: foaled 2002. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Bay colt. Rum was sold as a weaned foal to Sue Scourfield, Pembrokeshire, as the potential foundation stallion of a new stud. He is doing well there and I get regular news of him. Rum passed vetting in 2004 and is now a licensed stallion.

Rum 2004Rum 2004

Fourmerk Rhanna: foaled 2003. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Mouse dun filly. The first filly of this mating since Rowan, who died. Rhanna is now in Netherlands. more details...

Rabbie Burns of Fourmerk: foaled 2004. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. A jet black colt who was sold as a potential stallion. more details...

Rabbie was bought by a Highland Pony enthusiast in Angus and now has a home for life

Fourmerk Royal Scott: foaled 2005. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Fourmerk Rosemaree. Scotty was only shown once as a foal at the Royal Highland Show. He was Foal Champion and was bought that day by Scott McGregor, who has take him to Australia as a potential stallion. more details...

Rob Roy of Fourmerk: foaled 2006. (Kestrel x Rosemaree) He's a mouse dun colt and is already sold at weaning as a potential stallion. He has gone to Alison Brooks on Lismore. more details...

Rosella of Rosemount: foaled 1989. Falcon Frost of Sauchrie x Rosemary of Orangefield. Cream dun mare. Rosella was bought from her breeder in 1990 and her greatest showring success was Reserve Supreme Champion at the Royal Highland Show in 1992. Rosella was put down in 2007 when her arthritis became too severe. more details...

Rory of Fourmerk: foaled 1993. Stonefield Fingal x Rosella of Rosemount. Grey dun gelding. Sold and died as a youngster of a twisted gut.

Fourmerk Rosalie: foaled 1995. Innes of Invervack x Rosella of Rosemount. Yellow dun mare. Many wins as a foal, she was sold in December 1995 to Jackie and Greg Brown, Derbyshire, who still have her.

Fourmerk Rosemary: foaled 1997. Innes of Invervack x Rosella of Rosemount. Cream dun mare. Sold to Liz Bowyer in 1998 and now with Mr Rutherford on Shetland. No news of her since 2001.

Fourmerk Roseanne: foaled 2000. Innes of Invervack x Rosella of Rosemount. Known as Annie. A pretty, grey dun filly who has been served in 2003 by Haakon and is sold to Lee Ann Bunn, Virginia, USA, more details...

Ruskie (pronounced Rooskie) of Fourmerk: foaled 2002. Rory of Balinoe x Rosella of Rosemount. Yellow dun colt. Ruskie was sold along with Rum to Sue Scourfield. He is affectionately known as Teddy! Ruskie passed vetting in 2004 and is now a licensed stallion.

Ruskie 2004Ruskie 2004

Fourmerk Rosanna: foaled 2003. Josethdene x Rosella of Rosemount. Yellow dun filly, who was sold in July 2004 to Ina and Machiel Dalebout in Holland, along with Boquhan Highland Glory. more details...

Rubin of Fourmerk: foaled 2005. Grey dun colt by Haakon x Rosella of Rosemount. Sold to Joanne bennett from Preston. more details...

Elisedene: foaled 2001. Maverickdene x Salinadene. A beautiful dark dun filly, I bought Elise from Scott McGregor in 2001 as a potential brood mare, more details...

H.S. of Fourmerk: foaled 2005. (Kestrel Elise) H.S. is an exceptional black colt with a wonderful nature. more details...

Fourmerk Elisabeth: yellow dun filly foaled in 2008. (Kestrel x Elise) Lizzie is a big girl and has a great nature.

Fourmerk Eliza: black/brown filly foaled 2009, (Kestrel x Elise) Eliza is very pretty and was 2nd at Gragunnock Show in 2010.

Ebony of Fourmerk: dark mouse dun colt foal,foaled 2010 (Kestrel x Elise). Ebony was sold in November to Tricia Frampton Heldman from Banchory and is to be kept entire

Laochan of Kingennie: foaled 1992. Muldoanich of Dalbrack x Fay of Kingennie. Cream dun stallion. Sire of F Honey, Bruce of F, F Katya, F Kelpie. Broken to ride, gelded and sold to Liz and Pat Rennie. He was a lovely pony to ride. Laochan is now owned by the Bowling family and has been an Olympia qualifier.

Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon: foaled 1999. Jock of Invervack x Bonnie Lass of Finnlarig. Cream dun stallion. Bought from Marlene Rorie, Orkney, in 2000. Haakon's first crop of foals, a colt (Thor of F) and a filly, (Boquhan Highland Glory) born 2003. His 2004 foals are a filly out of Kelpiedene, called Fourmerk Kyla II; a filly out of Fourmerk Hope, to be called Fourmerk Harriet; and a colt out of Fourmerk Hazel, (Glenwestcastle Loch Buie), who was bred by Nicki Barfield in Norfolk. In 2005, Rosella had a colt foal by Haakon, Rubin of Fourmerk. His son Hardy out of Hope, was foaled in 2006. Haakon is a character and is constantly on the move, more details...

McTavish of Eastmoorhouse: foaled 1998. Kestrel of Fourmerk x Islay May of Litigan. One of the first crop of Kestrel foals, McTavish came to Fourmerk as a yearling colt. I gelded him and sold him to Dr C Murphy, Strathyre, who emigrated from UK and I lost track of him. 14th February 2011: I have heard today that Mac has been bought by Anne Kennedy and will be at livery in Brechin.

In 2008, I heard that Mack had been sold to Alicia Beveridge.

Casper of St Vigeans: foaled 1989. Colin of Whitefield x Shirley of Whitefield. Bought in 1992 and sold, broken, to Pauline Grant, England. Pauline died a few years ago and I don't know Casper's whereabouts now. I checked the stud books and Casper was sold to V Lloyd after Pauline's death.