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In memory of Fourmerk ponies

Bobby Joel of Taylorton

Bobby, by Glensuie x Hazel of Sunnyneuk, was a mouse dun gelding. He was not a big pony and competed in the under 14 hand ridden class. However, whether you met him in the field or saw him in the showring, you could not help noticing him. Bobby sparkled in the ring but was also gentle enough for children to show him in child handler classes.

His career high point was in 1993 when, as a 5yo, he won the Highland Pony Ridden Championship at his first ever Royal Highland Show and qualified for Olympia. But what many people don't know is that we bought him at a Stirling Horse sale as a small, thin and terrified two year old. He had been bought by the meat man and was penned next to an aggressive Ayrshire bull. His future looked grim!

In the years since that day, Bobby has more than repaid us for saving him, by winning many championships in ridden, dressage and working hunter classes, but most of all by being the best natured and sweetest pony we've ever had.

Bobby was put down on 13th January 2001. For the previous three years, he had suffered from intermittent bouts of low grade colic. This was eventually diagnosed as liver damage due to ragwort poisoning from before I bought him. His last episode of colic was very severe and as he didn't respond to treatment, we had to have him put down. This was one of the saddest decisions I've ever had to make.

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Meggernie May Mist

The first time I saw Misty was at Isla Fenton's Duncrub Stud at Dunning and I fell in love with her. Isla wouldn't sell her and I bought Meggernie Sula from him at that time.

I went on to buy Misty's daughter, Duncrub Holly, who has been one of our best brood mares. In 1999, Isla was in poor health and asked if I would like to buy Misty. She was in foal and came here in November 1999, but slipped her foal in March 2000. I never did manage to get her in foal again, which was a great regret, but Misty was such a character, that she was welcome to spend her retirement here. Misty was always the dominant mare, but needed no kicking or baring of teeth to exert her authority.

Misty didn't winter well over 2003-2004 and was losing her status in the field of ponies. We knew she had melanomas and these developed quickly in her last days. She was put down on 15th May 2004.

We will always remember Misty as a lovely traditional mare with great character, and we still have eleven ponies who are descended from her.

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Innes of Invervack

Innes of Invervack was our senior stallion, by Ian of Invervack x Marilla of Invervack. Foaled in 1987, Innes was grey dun and measured 14'1" (145 cms).

Innes' bloodlines went back to Knocknagael, Glenearn and Atholl Estate breeding. He was a strong, traditional stallion, with straight active paces. He won many championships in hand and on his first time out under saddle he was ridden Champion. He was very swift and sure footed and won the Mini Grand National at South West Highland Pony Club Show, beating super fit ponies who had been in work all season.

He had a very sweet nature and was easy to handle. His stock, most notably Atholl of Fourmerk, Fourmerk Kyla, Fourmerk Rosemaree and Fourmerk Honesty, have done well in the show ring.

In 1998 Innes suffered a sacral fracture and peripheral nerve damage, resulting in his tail being amputated. He recovered well and was still able to serve mares, although to anyone unaccustomed to a tail-less pony he looked strange - a bit like a Suffolk Punch!

Innes was put down on 16th May 2001, suffering from a twisted gut as a result of colic. It was all very sudden and very quick. We found him at 6.00pm and he was put down at 10.00pm. Ronnie and I miss him very much. Holly, whom he served before his death, produced a beautiful filly foal by him in April 2003. She's called Harmony and is very special.

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Tara was bought from Scott McGregor as a yearling filly in 1987. She was by Glensuie out of Melodydene and was a rich cream dun with beautifully contrasting dark points. A really stunning little mare. She won a lot as a youngster in hand and when she was broken to ride, she did extremely well in showing, dressage and WHP classes, winning championships in all of these. She competed in the Heavy Horse Derby at the Royal Highland Show and was a member of the Highland Pony Quadrille at Braco Show.

When we retired her from the showring, she became a brood mare and produced lovely foals. I didn't keep any but her son, Thor, by Haakon foaled in 2003, is a potential stallion with Lynn Johnson in Peterhead.

Tara was served with Haakon in 2004 and was scanned in foal. I was looking forward to a filly this time, but it was not to be. On 16th October 2004, we found her unable to stand because her hind legs were paralyzed and she was in great distress. I held her while she was being put down. She was a lovely pony in looks and nature and it was a privilege to own her.

Duncrub Holly Holly was bought as a weaned foal from Isla Fenton in 1990. She had a wonderful show record as a young pony and won many in hand championships. Her success as a brood mare was outstanding and every foal was quality. Her progeny are Heather, now in Germany, Hazel who is in Norfolk, Honesty who died aged two, Honey, Hope, Harmony, Hosanna, Hector and Heriot who are still at Fourmerk. Holly died on 26th June, leaving her foal, Hamish, an orphan.

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