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Highland Pony Links

Highland Pony Talk Forum, a great place to "meet" and discuss the breed.

Rose MacPherson: a true young equestrienne, with Highland Ponies and Eventers

Kirkcarrion Highland Ponies

Highland Pony Society Deutschland

Belgian Highland Pony Society

Highland Pony Gazette

Highland Pony Society

Highland Pony Society Deutschland (Der Clan)

IG German Highland Pony Group

Patricia Laves's Kilnacasan Highland Pony Stud in Germany

Lee Ann Bunn's Kellwould Highland Pony Stud, Virginia, USA

Wendy Rowe's Highland Pony Stud, California, USA

Vancouver Mounted Police Squad, Canada

Australian Highland Pony Society

Holmedown Highland Pony Stud, Devon

Dirnanean/Strathardle Highland Ponies, Perthshire

Highland Pony's Netherlands

Glenwestcastle Stud in Norfolk

Manoah Highland Pony Stud in Poland.

Caroline Brett's Suffield Highland Pony Stud

Other Pony Links

Kilmannan Dales Pony Stud

The Horse Search Engine The Horse Search Engine

Mr Horse - The World Equestrian Site - Over 2000 pages for horse lovers.

Horse Connections - Scottish based Equestrian Site

Maxi's Angels - Site dedicated to a brave little mare who survived grass sickness and managed to produce a foal.

Lomondside Stud - A top class schooling and livery yard in Drymen.

Horse Talk - Informative and interesting equine site

Mountain and Moorland Pony website, recently online, contributions wanted.

Equine Post

Horsemart: a site with adverts for ponies, etc, for sale

Horsequest: a site advertising quality ponies for sale

Native Pony Mart: advertising ponies for sale

Scottish Equestrian Magazine with adverts for ponies for sale

Website of Dr Mark Kennedy, specialist in behavoural audits of breeding stock. A site of great interest to all stud owners.


Highland Cattle Links

Mac~Ladanae Fold Australia

Capithil Highland Cattle, Australia

Highland Cattle Society