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The following ponies are currently at Fourmerk


Kestrel of Fourmerk (Atholl of Fourmerk x Kelpiedene). Foaled 1994, our senior stallion is a grandson of Innes of Invervack, more details...

Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon (Jock of Invervack x Bonnie Lass of Finnlarig). Foaled May 1999, he's grey dun with black points, very sweet natured, more details...


Fourmerk Rosemaree (Innes of Invervack x North-Wells Rosebud). Foaled 1993, more details...

Fourmerk Honey (Laochan of Kingennie x Duncrub Holly). Foaled 1997, more details...

Fourmerk Tiree (Innes of Invervack x Taradene) Grey. Foaled 1997, sold as a two year old, but bought back in August 2010

Fourmerk Elisabeth: (Kestrel of Fourmerk x Elisedene) Yellow dun. Foaled 2007

Owl's End Hermione (McInnes of Fourmerk x Stocks Seonaid) Foaled 2007. Vicki and I bought Hermione between us at the end of August 2012.

Ellister Islay Summer Thyme (Nashend Buzzard x Teigandene) Grey dun. Foaled 2007.Bought 2013.

Fleetmead Eilidh: (McInnes of Fourmerk x Trailtrow Funeach Ensay) Grey dun. Foaled 2008.

Fourmerk Eliza (Kestrel x Elisedene) Black. Foaled 2009.

Fourmerk Heather Gem: (Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Fourmerk Honey) Grey dun filly, foaled 17th April 2011

Fourmerk Elissa: (Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon x Fourmerk Elisabeth) Cream dun. Foaled 20th April 2011



Rum of Fourmerk: (Kestrel x Rosemaree) Bay. Foaled 2002. Vicki bought Rum from Sue Scourfield in 2013.

Royal Caledonian of Fourmerk (Kestrel x Rosemaree)Bay. Foaled 2009. Vcki's 40th birthday present!

Dillan of Westbank Grey. Vicki's gelding.


Ashleyvale Glen Bogle Mouse dun colt bought from Julie Osborne 2013. Mouse dun, foaled 2013. (Lyncrest's Marcellus, by McInnes of Fourmerk x Margaux of Hirstmund, by Fyfedene)