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The Highland Pony in Art

Artist's Views

Below are several paintings and photographs of Highland Ponies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Each of these 19th century pictures shows a different aspect of the Highland Pony.



Returning from the Hills

"Returning from the Hills" by Richard Ansdell (1815-1885)

Quarrying in the Highlands

"Quarrying in the Highlands" by Richard Ansdell

Deer Hunt

"Deer Hunt" by Richard Ansdell

Sheep Gathering Glen Slighachan

"Sheep Gathering in Glen Sligachan" by Richard Ansdell

The Highland Ferryboat

"The Highland Ferryboat" by Jacob Thomson (1806-1879)

Striking a Bargain

"Striking a Bargain" by Charles James Adam (1859-1931)
(Found on a box of Walker's Shortbread!)

Last of the Clan

"Last of the Clan" by Thomas Faed (1826-1900)

The two photographs below show Highland Ponies
in the Western Isles in the 19th century

Pony with panniers, Eigg

Pony with Panniers, Isle of Eigg

Pony with panniers, Barra

Pony with panniers, Barra.

This section has modern works, most of which are available for purchase

Highland Pony card

This card was designed by Ann Gilpin. You can contact her by clicking here

Highland LegendHighland Dreams

The artist, Joel, has sculpted these beautiful pieces. You can see them and more of her work at Joel at Tenon Gallery (click here to go there). Joel will also undertake commissions. She suggests a portrait of a Highland trotting.