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Stallions at Stud

Kestrel of Fourmerk

Our senior stallion is a grandson of Innes of Invervack, our foundation stallion, who was put down on 16th May 2001.

Click here to see Kestrel's pedigree from the Del Mar All Breed Database.

Kestrel of Fourmerk, by Atholl of Fourmerk out of Kelpiedene (by Glensuie), was foaled in 1994. He is black and measures nearly 14.2hh (147.2cms), carrying plenty of bone and substance. Kestrel has three times been a Highland Pony Kestrel of FourmerkSociety Premium Stallion (1998,1999 & 2000). He is now the only HPS Life Premium Stallion in Scotland. He has the same sweet temperament as Innes and produced three champion foals in his first three years at stud. Fourmerk Rowan, foaled in 1998, out of Fourmerk Rosemaree, was Foal Champion at the 1998 Highland Pony Breed Show and at Kinross. She was also Reserve Champion filly foal at Scottish Foal Show. Fourmerk Ruaraidh, full brother to Rowan, born 30 April 1999, was Foal Champion at the 1999 Royal Highland Show and Reserve at Kinross. Born 28.4.00, Rannoch of Fourmerk, a mouse dun colt, is proving himself in the show ring with championships at Kinross and at Central Scotland Shows. As a two year old, Rannoch was Highland Pony Champion at the NPS Scotland Youngstock Show and went on to be Supreme Champion. He was Champion at the National Stallion Show in 2003. Honour, (out of Fourmerk Hazel) was born on 13th May 2001, but wasn't shown because of the foot and mouth epidemic. She was exported to Holland in 2003. Kestrel's two mouse dun daughters, Fourmerk Rhanna and Fourmerk Hosanna, were both foal champions in 2003. His 2004 foals were Rabbie Burns (out of Rosemaree), who has been sold as a potential stallion, and Heriot out of Holly. Royal Scott, Hector and H.S are his 2005 sons. Both H.S. and Rpoyal Scott were foal champions at Doune and Dunbalne and RHs respectively.

In 2004, we took Kestrel to the Breed Show, when he had almost finished his stud work and he stood second in a strong class. He had a record number of visiting mares in 2004. We had two Kestrel foals born in 2004: Heriot out of Holly and Rabbie Burns out of Rosemaree.

In 2001, Kestrel had a new interest in his life. In January, he went to my friend, Jane McNaught, to be schooled and shown under saddle. He came home for a few weeks from the beginning of April to serve mares and then returned to Darvel to do more work. Jane really likes him and he seems to do his utmost for her. The first time I saw him being ridden was when Jane took him to cross country practice at Ballinton in June. He loved jumping and was leading some of the other inexperienced ponies over the jumps!

His first show under saddle was at Rowallan at the end of July, where he qualified for the NPS Picton Novice Ridden Championship at Malvern. He was second in hand at Royal Lancs. His next show was NPS Malvern and we went there to watch. He was a creditable second in his Picton class and first in the pairs with Jane's own pony, Gillie. At the Highland Pony Show the next day, he was second in hand and he and Gillie were second in the ridden pairs.

At Blair Horse Trials Highland Pony Show, Kestrel was first in hand and he won his Novice Ridden class. He had a wonderfully successful day at the "Scottish Farmer" Highland Pony Show at Devon Leisure, Alva, on 1st September. He was second in hand, and having performed a lovely novice dressage test, he was again second. He was first in his Novice Ridden class and Sally Coutts made him Novice Ridden Champion. In the final championship where the in hand, ridden and novice ridden champions came together, Kestrel was Reserve Supreme Champion to the Ridden Champion, Fyfedene.

In his last novice ridden class at Devon on 15th September, he was third, but was second in the Open Ridden class.

We're delighted with what Jane achieved with him and he returned to her for a second season under saddle in 2002. He showed a real aptitude for jumping and was best stallion at the Highland Pony One Day Event.

Since 2002, Kestrel has remained at home to do his other job of serving mares. In 2003 and 2004, he settled all his mares, our own and visitors.

Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon

Jock of Invervack x Bonnie Lass of Finnlarig, cream dun, foaled 1999.

Click here to see Haakon's pedigree from the Del Mar All Breed Database.

In March 1999, I eventually found time to read the "Highland Pony Gazette" from the previous year, in which a letter from Orkney detailed all the ponies on the island. I was amazed to find that Jock of Invervack (Glengarry V of Glengairn x Goldflake of Invervack) was there and still serving mares. I phoned his owner

who told me that Jock was only used for cross-breeding and that he had been put down the previous November. However, the owner had run a registered Highland mare in 1998 to preserve Jock's bloodlines and he thought she was in foal.

I phoned again in June to learn that she had had a colt foal, but I was told it was not for sale. In March this year, I wrote to the owner again and two weeks later had a phone call from Marlene Rorie on Orkney. She was the owner of the mare and still had her and the colt foal. The very day she received my letter, she had booked the vet to castrate the colt as she could not keep another stallion. She had been sad to do this as she had been fond of Jock and thought his bloodlines were valuable. She agreed to sell the colt to me, and it took four months to arrange his transport to Fourmerk.

I am delighted with him. His name is Tuskerbister Jarl Haakon. He's grey dun with black points and very sweet natured. In fact, he looks the image of Jock in a photograph which I found in the 1979 Highland Pony News. Glengarry V of Glengairn was Innes's grand sire and Goldflake is Innes's great grand dam, so Haakon, young as he is, is a step back in time!

Haakon went to his first show, Stirling Foal Show, in December. He was well behaved about being washed and groomed, but by the time he arrived at the show, he was sweating and tucked up. We decided to give him the experience of a show, and he behaved himself very well, but we knew he wasn't looking his best!

Haakon was inspected and passed licensing in 2001. I don't use colts in general till they are three and so his first foals were arrived in June 2003. Taradene gave birth to a lovely colt foal, Thor of Fourmerk, and Hazel had a pretty filly, Boquhan Highland Glory. He settled all his mares in 2003, amongst which was Fourmerk Roseanne, owned by Lee Ann Bunn of Kellwould Stud, Virginia, USA, who had a filly foal. His 2004 foals are Hope's first foal, a filly called Harriet and Kelpie's filly, named Kyla II. Both are big attractive foals.